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Photographing families like yours is my passion. And I am so lucky to have spent the last 10 years doing what I love for a living. I love preserving the simple yet profound beauty in your kids’ smiles and giggles, their hugs and kisses, your baby’s wobbly steps, and even your toddler’s meltdown. My passion is capturing images of real life, happening right before your eyes. I want to take photos that uniquely capture your family as it is today so you will always remember these moments, long into the future.

Family Photojournalists Association Award Winning Photographer: FPJA

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Maternity and Newborn Photos courtesy Lauri Tripaldi

Other Tidbits

From the second I shot my first frame and saw the print slowly reveal itself in the darkroom at college, I was hooked. For years, I’ve shot engagement sessions, weddings, and more—but it quickly became clear to me which subject felt most natural—families and their day-to- day lives.

Waking up, running down the hallway, spilling cereal and milk, playing in the sun room, sliding down the slide, rolling down a hill, helping set the table for dinner, and reading stories before bed. As a wife and mother of three young girls, Florence, Julia, and Louisa, I can’t help but follow them around with my camera pretty much all of the time.

My favorite moments to capture are always the candid ones—genuine flashes in time of excitement, love, and joy. That is why I make a point to get to know my subjects. By finding common ground with you and your family, I can draw out the most true-to-life images that are as alive and meaningful as the moments they were taken.

When I’m not photographing families (yours or mine), I can be found at yoga, with family, good friends (often both at once), and traveling. I have a soft spot for animals and have two dogs who are like my first babies and help to make our family photos just a touch crazier. 

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