The L Family

We have worked with Katie for three shoots now, over the course of five years. The reason we keep coming back is simple, for her. She puts you at ease and makes you laugh, giving us those priceless moments of real relationship captured in film. We have many young children, and each time we have seen Katie, they have instantly swarmed her with question after question - and she has engaged them and answered each one of them. She gets on their level, literally, and our children respond to that interest and care. She is gentle in word and deed and is both kind and attentive to their needs. She is wholly present during the shoot, so when a break is needed for a child who may be on the brink of a tantrum, she encourages a time of rest without making you feel as if your child is the problem or that you are wasting time. All of our kids have enjoyed her smile and her engaging conversations with them. We know with Katie we can be ourselves, and she will take care of the rest.

Every single image that we received (over our many shoots) has exuded the personalities of each person without fail. The ability that she has to capture a person in their element is rare and worth the investment. With each swipe of the mouse through our gallery my heart swelled even more, she nailed it, hands down. This was our family. I always feel like there couldn't possibly have been any good images simply because someone was running this way or eating that, or throwing that, but when I get the coveted "Your photos are ready e-mail," I am always blown away by what I see in the images. SO GOOD!

Katie - we love you! You have made our family photo shoots an enjoyable time that I look forward to. Many people cannot say that about family photos shoots. We are so grateful to have found a photographer that works with our family's needs - namely our many small children, who may or may not enjoy disobeying and breaking all the rules - so that we have a moment captured forever in time of the way we were. I think we both know that I enjoy styling them the most. It is well worth the investment.

The R Family

As a mom of three kids, the idea of having Katie come to my house was genius. Trying to get everyone dressed and in the car never happens in a timely matter. If I had to be somewhere at a particular time I can guarantee you we would be late. The fact that she was able to come to us took almost all the worry out of the shoot. I knew I wouldn’t have shy kids because they would be in their comfort zone. I knew anything I needed was within arms reach. But I think what really made me happy was that we were photographed in our home, where we spend most of our time, where we became a family.

I think what I was nervous most about (besides having time to straighten my hair!) was how my 2 year old might behave. And, of course, she was in true 2 year old form. But despite the inability to cooperate and the frequent “don’t picture me!” comments Katie was able to hide all of that in the pictures. Because nothing was posed Josie was able to be herself. We could distract her with things she loves- her books, watering the flowers, jumping on the bed and yummy lunch. All of this could not be done if we were anywhere else but our home.

One of my favorite photos is when I am walking up the stairs with Josie and one of the boys. I think I like this most because it happens so often but it’s something I never want to forget, the feeling of holding that little hand and a little body all at once. I also love the family pictures on the bed. They really show who we are- full of energy and love. But mostly I think the pictures of the kids close up, looking down, not paying attention, just being themselves is what I really want to hold on to forever.

The B Family

We have had many different sessions with Katie. The most recent was a newborn session after the birth of our son, Xavier. The experience was really special. I had expected the session to be a little chaotic, Xavier was just over 2 weeks old, so I was worried he would be unpredictable. But I was very wrong. From the moment Katie walked in she was in total control. She kept Xavier calm and comfortable and was able to get all the shots we wanted. I was truly amazed at how at ease she was with our baby boy. She was actually able to share with us some tricks to help soothe him.

Not only was Katie great with Xavier, she has really been able to make a connection with our 6 year old daughter, Stella. Katie is a pro at getting Stella to smile and interact with the camera. Stella has come to really enjoy the sessions and always walks away with fond memories of her time with Katie. During the newborn session Katie made it a priority to take Stella and do some really fun shots of her jumping on her bed, doing her hair, dancing, and tumbling. Those pictures are our absolute favorites and we were so happy that Katie made Stella feel truly special during a time she may not have felt like the center of our attention.

Of course I love them! This was the first time Katie came to our house and it was really a unique experience to look at pictures of ourselves in the place we are the most comfortable. Some of the best moments are the moments we didn't realize the camera was on us.

The fusion film may actually be my favorite part of the whole experience. The mix of video clips, photos, music, and the sounds of our children's voices is just so sweet. I have never been able to watch myself interact with my babies and I was amazed at how my love for them is apparent in the photos and video. That video is something I will really treasure.

I am really happy that I found Katie and that she has been able to capture some of the best moments in our lives. After every session I find myself thinking about our next session and what moments I want her to capture in our future.

The D Family

Katie makes the entire experience extremely easy, which is no small feat when you are working with a newborn and two other toddlers.  She is super laid back and very flexible and gives the direction needed to capture the best shots.

Katie was so understanding in dealing wtih me, who was a scatter-brained mom of three. She is also wonderful with children; extremely gentle with newborns and funny and silly with older children.  My kids loved "playing" with Katie!

Each time Katie has left one of our newborn sessions, we always say that there was no possible way that she was able to get any good pictures from us.  And, each time she proves us wrong!  She has been able to capture some of our most beautiful memories and we are so grateful for her fantastic work!

The T Family

Katie is our family’s photographer. She has captured every special moment over the years, and thanks to her we have the most gorgeous photographs of our children as they grow. When I was pregnant with my son I knew I wanted to document his birth but I was a little nervous about the idea of having someone photograph such an intimate moment, but I definitely didn’t need to be. Katie was incredible. She made me feel so comfortable and having her there was the best decision I ever made. We now have the most precious photographs of our first moments meeting our little man, and they mean the absolute world to me. If anyone is ever on the fence about hiring Katie to photograph your birth, I would 100% say to just do it. You will absolutely not regret it. Having these photos is such a beautiful gift and Katie is such a talent. She is able to tell a story with her work and capture the perfect moments and little details. Now that my son is two we recently showed him the photos of his birth and it was such a special thing to be able to share with him. I tear up every time I see the photo of my husband and I seeing his little face for the first time. Katie is more than just a photographer, she truly cares about her families and it shows in the beautiful photographs she creates for them. We couldn’t be more thankful to her for the memories she has preserved for us, and we look forward to having her continue to photograph our family year after year! And if we’re lucky, another birth in the future! :)

The K Family

I trusted Katie from the start because I knew her through a close family member. I knew she was a kind, fun, and trustworthy person, but our experience with her as our birth photographer blew us away. She was always available from the start for questions, concerns, and input. She was sure to stay in touch throughout the pregnancy and when I went into labor, she kept in close touch until she arrived. She was extremely supportive throughout labor, and yet I forgot she was there at times, allowing candid moments to be captured. We couldn't be happier with the beautiful, thoughtful photographs. Everyone who views our gallery is touched by her ability to capture the love between my husband and me and our first moments with our precious daughter. I could not possibly be happier with the experience and outcome. I would recommend Katie to anyone who is seeking a birth or family photographer. We are looking forward to our newborn session with her this week!