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Family Photos 365 – Week 22

147 of 365 – May 28, 2021 – So, I’ve obviously fallen quite behind if in real life it’s almost August and I’m still talking about school days, but here we are. Julia begged to go along to pick Florence up from school every single day this year–rain, snow, heat–she would not be deterred. Once, I was in a huge rush and had to leave her behind and the breakdown that ensued was unparalleled.  This day Florence got out at 12:30, so Louisa wasn’t napping and got to come along! They kept their eyes glued to the doors and when Florence emerged, ran to give her a huge hug.

These were the first flower buds that I spotted on my nasturtiums that I planted from seeds. The kids and I were all so excited.

148 of 365 – May 29, 2021 – I asked Jason to take a picture of me and my snuggle bug who still wants to be my little baby. I’m soaking it in while it lasts, before she becomes a three year old with all the attitude.

My view.

149 of 365 – May 30, 2021 – The look of anguish of someone who is having the knots brushed from their hair. I remember this feeling from when I was a kid.

150 of 365 – May 31, 2021 – My little paper dolls and I coming home from the park.

151 of 365 – June 1, 2021 – I love my nerdy little children who make up tests for each other and pull workbooks from the shelf on their own. I also just love this photo of Julia looking like an artist at work.

152 of 365 – June 2, 2021 – Here is the completed garage after all of my painting. I don’t think I get any greater feeling of accomplishment than completing some kind of physical task like this.

153 of 365 – June 3, 2021 – I looked up the stairs and saw these two, not so patiently waiting for bedtime.

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Family Photos 365 – Week 21

140 of 365 – May 21, 2021 – I wish it weren’t frowned upon to strap all of your children into chairs at meals until they graduate from high school. I’m starting to lose hope that dinnertime won’t always look like some version of this.

141 of 365 – May 22, 2021 – Goggles are required for playing at a water table obviously.

142 of 365 – May 23, 2021 – Portrait of my nephew, Shane, or as the kids call him, Baby Shane.

143 of 365 – May 24, 2021 – Two peas in a pod. At night, when they are both overtired, all I hear is constant giggling, of course speckled with bits of fighting, but mostly giggling.

144 of 365 – May 25, 2021 – For our season of virtual dance, we had the leotards, we had the tights, we had the ballet shoes…and we had exactly one pair of tap shoes.

145 of 365 – May 26, 2021 – Since Julia and Florence saw me wearing a towel in my hair after a shower, they have been obsessed. My kids never miss an opportunity to add an accessory to a look. Here it’s for the post-bath rendition of Let it Go.

146 of 365 – May 27, 2021 – Even though she still wants to be called a baby, Louisa is seeming like a very big girl all of a sudden.

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Family Photos 365 – Week 20

133 of 365–May 14, 2021–My babies brought their babies to the park. Also, one of my babies is a witch…in case you didn’t notice.

134 of 365–May 15, 2021–My little plant watering buddy has graduated from following me around with a watering can that she repeatedly demands that I fill (thank God) and she can now hold the hose all on her own! She is even proving herself to be an excellent multitasker; watering while she simultaneously holds her baby.

135 of 365–May 16, 2021–Dancing under the stars.

136 of 365–May 17, 2021–I was thinking that when I am old, I am going to have a lawn that is all weeds. The bees will be thrilled and so will the little girls and boys. There is nothing that makes my kids happier than coming home with bouquets of weeds.

137 of 365–May 18, 2021–The only “real” picture I took this day was of my name on the ballot, running for Judge of Elections at our local polling location. I happened to be very busy through the whole day since I also worked as the Judge of Elections for the first time ever. I’d worked at the polls before, but being the judge felt new and intimidating. When I wheeled up 5:45am to wait for the building to open at 6, with my old stroller that I had converted into a makeshift Judge of Elections cart (see cellphone selfie below; I was extremely proud of this hack) , I was beyond nervous.

But when it was all over? It was kind of the best. The people who worked with me all day were great and everyone who came in to vote was generally kind and appreciative. As a mom to three kids who take my instructions as gentle suggestions at best, this was one of the few times in my current life where I felt like anything approaching a boss.  In conclusion, if you’ve ever thought about it, get involved. 10 out of 10, would recommend.

138 of 365–May 19, 2021–Lou Lou making her current best picture face next to her stroller of essentials (water, baby doll, makeup bag, mirror). And the bouquets that her sisters put together to decorate her room.

139 of 365–May 20, 2021–When the three of them take a bath together now, I always wonder if it will be the last time. At this point, the battle for space has reached a Game of Thrones level and I will no longer be sad to see this phase end.

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Family Photos 365–Week 19

126 of 365–May 7, 2021–This little nugget still comes into our bed on occasion and she is either exceptionally polite and lays quietly awake cuddling with me on my pillow and letting me continue to sleep, or she is an absolute nightmare who screams bloody murder like she is trying to raise the dead. There is no in between. This early morning was the exceptionally polite variety. She calls this look her sideways eyes and it is her go to if I try to take a photo of her anymore.

127 of 365–May 8, 2021–If you saw my post for week 18 you may be thinking, “thank goodness you are done the garage!” But I have news for you, because I brilliantly finished the garage one side at a time. I have a very logical explanation that involved wanting to paint the portion of the garage where the flowers would be first, but regardless, it was probably not the most time efficient method. Here is my dad helping me repair a rotten board on the bottom of my garage doors and cracking up at his audience.

128 of 365–May 9, 2021–First post-pandemic indoor hangout for these cousins was Mother’s Day 2021!

129 of 365–May 10, 2021–I wish Louisa would let me give her “bear buns” in her hair every day, because nothing makes me smile like this little silhouette.

130 of 365–May 11, 2021–Our sunset watch parties are back!

131 of 365–May 12, 2021–I wish you could smell these lilacs through the computer, because they are heaven. I can smell them floating on the breeze on the opposite side of my house and I wish they bloomed all year long.

132 of 365–May 13, 2021–I may be the least athletic person you have ever met. Jason is not much better. So there is a very logical explanation for why Louisa does not know the proper way to hold a bat. But at least they’re having fun!

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