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A New Kind of Home Movie | Documentary Family Films

As my love for documentary family sessions has grown, I have thought more often about how much video can add to a session. There are some things that still photos just fail to truly capture. The sweet coos of newborns, cute toddler voices, the funny things kids say – all these things that we wish we could bottle up. Sadly, photos can’t touch them. Inevitably, when I have added fusion films on to client sessions, it brought it to a whole new level. It has made me want to learn more, and to make video a bigger part of what I can offer clients, but also what I capture of my own kids.

Happily, I also happen to LOVE taking part in photography workshops. To be honest, I’m kind of a big nerd. And feeling like I’m back in school brings me great joy. It used to be that workshops involved travel and a huge investment of time and money. But now there are so many fabulous workshops online. It’s such a fun way to learn or refresh skills, take part in the larger photography community and to just get inspired. So when I came across The Film Workshop with Emily Mitchell, I was in. I just completed the class and it did not disappoint! I so enjoyed spending the last month not only photographing my family, but shooting video of them as well.

In the end, I created this little home movie with all the clips I’d shot. I have to say, I am in love.

I can’t wait to take more video of my own kids. But, I also can’t wait to create modern family films for YOUR families! Over the next month, I am going to be offering just a few discounted family films. If you think you might be interested, get in touch! I would love to chat!

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The Magic of Light | Conshohocken Family Photographer

the magic of light workshop sunset in windowSnow bouncing light onto little girl

baby crawling documentary photography

basketball hoop sunset
conshohocken lifestyle photographer

the magic of light workshop girl dancing silhouette
girl in dog pants

the magic of light workshop sunset dugout
the magic of light workshop little girl rim light and sun flare
the magic of light workshop window reflection
the magic of light workshop urban shadows on building
the magic of light workshop house sunset silhouette
the magic of light workshop swinging in the snow
the magic of light girl throwing snow

Sometimes, when I’m feeling like I need a boost of creative inspiration, I’ll take a photography workshop. I am a firm believer that there is always more to be learned. In March, I learned from The Magic of Light workshop.

This workshop is the hottest ticket in town. I feel so lucky and grateful to have secured a seat. It was inspiring and helped me to think about the photos that I was taking in a new way. I even (*gasp*) took some photos that weren’t of children and families. It was so freeing to walk around Conshohocken and to observe the way the light illuminated buildings and bounced and reflected. These are things that I never notice while I’m hurrying my kids along down the street or distractedly making sure that Florence isn’t running into the road. Honestly, I discovered that there is nothing better than calmly walking around town and just observing, all by myself.

Of course my kiddos are my biggest source of inspiration. But hopefully I’ll find time to make this sort of thing a regular part of my work as well.

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Conshohocken Baby Photographer | Julia Violet is One!

February is a suuuuuper busy month in our house. There isn’t a breath between birthdays – Florence, me, my brother, my dad, and finally today, Miss Julia. Julia turned the big 1 today! And if I thought Florence’s first year went by quickly, Julia’s went at the speed of light!

From the moment she was born a year ago, she has been a sweet, laid-back, happy girl. Actually, she was even smiling in her ultrasound photo, pre-birth. At one, she loves to eat, is starting to show lots of interest in both walking and talking and thankfully, still has a healthy interest in sleeping as well. She is pretty much the perfect baby all around. :-)

Today I took advantage of this sort of insane February weather to do some outdoor photos for her birthday. As with any second child, she gets nothing to herself, so Florence is in some of the photos as well. Julia didn’t seem to mind at all.

We are so happy to have this smiley girl in our family. We all love her so.

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A Snow Day in Conshy | Conshohocken Documentary Photographer

This weekend was a snowy one!

It was one of those occasions where we really appreciated living in town. The roads weren’t great, so we all bundled up and trudged up to the CVS to get snacks and milk for hot chocolate. Florence stopped along the way to play in the snow and she only complained a tiny bit about the walk. We all had rosy cheeks and noses by the time we got home, but it was totally worth it.

Florence also learned how to make a snowball. Or rather, she learned how to make me make a snowball for her. My little delegator at her finest.

Flo: “Mom, does it look like it’s snowing when I do this?”




The hat Florence is wearing is an old hat that my mom happened upon amongst her old possessions in the last few years. I don’t know where it originated from, but I love it so very much, and Florence does as well.





Everything looks so much prettier when it snows.




I love this pretty, quiet, snow-covered alley.

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