Family Photos 365–Week 18

April 30, 2021–120 of 365–I walked in the living room and found them sitting like this. Or rather, I was sitting on the other side of the couch and saw them sitting like this and then ran to get my camera and by the time I came back Lou had dropped her arm and I asked her to put it back and she begrudgingly obliged. But you know…the sentiment is the same. I found them sitting like this.

We tried something out that I dreamed up–three kids in one room. Three kids, as you may know, is an uneven number, and I have always had concerns about it going wrong in terms of unbalanced relationships. So rather than giving Lou or Flo their own room (poor Julia didn’t even qualify for consideration), I decided they should share and they were into it. I planned to get a bunkbed, but we tried it out with a thrown together trial run. Originally, the trial run was supposed to happen with an air mattress, but within five minutes, the three of them busted a huge hole in the air mattress. So mattresses dragged into the room it was. Is the busted air mattress a preview of future three-in-a-room troubles? Only time will tell.

May 1, 2021–121 of 365–First ice cream of the season.

May 2, 2021–122 of 365–The garage “AFTER!” But actually not quite. Because after I took this picture I decided I did not like the brown I had selected for the shutters and repainted them. Trials and tribulations of a DIYer.

May 3, 2021–123 of 365–post dinner yard run in front of the almost after, but not quite, garage.

May 4, 2021–124 of 365–Lou has gotten to be exceptionally good at stalling for bedtime/naptime. There is a Spider spray (it’s water) that has to be sprayed by her and then also you. I once tried to do an incantation to forbid spiders from entering the room when I could not find the spider spray and it was not at all well received. She wants three books and you never select the right books. She needs five babies and no matter how many babies you have, you never have the right ones. I have been in the other room as Jason frantically searched the house for a missing baby that he could not find and I have laughed until I cried (it’s much, much funnier if you aren’t the one responsible for finding the missing baby). We’re smart, but she’s probably smarter.

May 5, 2021–125 of 365–Florence read the Harry Potter series and now she will not stop reading. Which, I obviously love. So I decided it was time for her to get her very own library card! A super important rite of passage in my book (pun totally intended). I love this little book worm.

May 6, 2021–126 of 365–Having this kid home alone all day while her sisters are at school makes for a very relaxed day. She may be the easiest kid ever. She is for sure the easiest kid I’ve raised.

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