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Earlier this week, the Bugabugs and I went to Haverford College and did a little photo shoot. I made a few outfits for her earlier in the year, starting with this dress, and I wanted to capture her in them before she completely outgrows them. *Sniff sniff.*

Getting a one and a half year old to cooperate for four outfit changes with accompanying hairstyling when you’re coming up on nap time, was as challenging as it sounds. I bribed her with raisons, the least exciting bribe ever, but it seemed to work. All things considered, I think the shoot was a success! She fell asleep on the walk back to the car (she never does that, far too nosey) so in the tiring out department, it was a HUGE success.

First up, this dress which I made from a Japanese pattern book that I had to translate into English and then also size down. HAHAHA!!! I guess I like a challenge. I don’t think you can tell in these photos, but I missed the mark a little with the size and had to raise the shoulders. Oh well, maybe it will fit next year too!

This skirt was actually the last thing that I made and I don’t think I screwed it up at all. Hooray! It was really easy and I think she can keep wearing it layered into the Fall. I’m also more than a little in love with the sweatshirt that we picked up at the JCrew Factory Store.

This shirt is by far my favorite! I was inspired by this post and used this pattern. I sort of messed this up in that I meant to do the dress and accidentally cut the skirt too short, but I still like how it turned out and it has pockets!! Yay! She diva-fied the outfit with the addition of the sunglasses that she demanded to wear. :-)

Last but not least is the dress that I started with. I still love it and since it’s white, I like how I can mix it up with some color splashes. Florence loves a cardigan, so she’s a big fan of this outfit.

That is all. Hopefully when I get a little less busy with photos in the Winter, I can get back into it. I have a whole stack of beautiful fabric just waiting to be turned into adorable dresses. First up will be her Halloween costume though! I’m already starting to brainstorm. :-)

By the way…mini sessions this Fall are at this super beautiful college campus! :-O Contact me if you’d like to snag a spot.


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