Beach Baby | Ocean City Documentary Photographer

Last weekend, we decided to take a day trip and head to Ocean City, NJ to play in the water and visit with my friend, Lauren. Florence loves everything and anything having to do with water, so we knew it would be a fun day for her.

Sadly, I am not always the most prepared person and I forgot…well…basically everything. We went with no beach towels, no beach chairs, no sand toys, no hat for Florence and, most catastrophically, NO STROLLER! If you are a parent, then you know how terrible that is. Florence is just at that age where if she’s not strapped into something, she does not want to be held, she wants to walk. And if you’ve been to the boardwalk in Ocean City in August, you know that a one and a half year old meandering aimlessly back and forth is well, a nightmare.

No stroller also meant that there wasn’t really any good place for Florence to nap. She did nap on me for about an hour, but by the end of the day she was done. There was screaming, there was crawling down the boardwalk and there was falling asleep at dinner.

Outside of that parenting fail that resulted in a completely overtired baby, we had so much fun. Florence thoroughly enjoy the ocean, the pool, the shower, and after some getting used to it, the sand. We will be back, and next time I will not forget the stroller (I’ll probably forget the bathing suit ;-).







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