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I personally love reading about things that other people made (cooking/sewing/home decor/etc.). So if you’re like me, THIS POST IS FOR YOU! If you’re not, and you’re here to see my photography work, just scroll down and there is the cutest baby right below this post.

Anywho, I made a dress for Florence yesterday and it is my first attempt at making her clothes, other than this cape thingy:

and this skunk costume for Halloween:

No wait, that’s just Jason in the hat. ;-) This is the full costume in all its glory (and a cute little monkey friend too!):

That was fun, but making this dress feels like a whole new world. I sort of wish I could just sit in front of my sewing machine all the time, but Florence is not in agreement.

This is the pattern that I used, from the blog, Straight Grain. It’s a bubble dress and it’s not anything fancy, but I just love it and I can’t wait to make it in other colors/patterns that aren’t white and bound to be ruined immediately. I had a few snafus and had to go back and fix a few things/look up some techniques online, but overall it went pretty smoothly for a first attempt at a dress!

Here’s Florence trying it on.

I think she kinda likes it. ;-)

Sooooo…for all the people who sew, where do you find great toddler patterns? Also, are there any online fabric stores that you would recommend?

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