Family Photos 365–Week 10

March 5, 2021–64 of 365 – Lou still wants to be the baby. If you try to call her a big girl, she will correct you. With her being our youngest, and last baby, I am completely fine with that. And how fortunate for her that she is the baby and won’t have to fight some new baby for our attention.

March 6, 2021–65 of 365 – I don’t know, I think it may be time for three chairs at the island.

March 7, 2021–66 of 365 – After creating an incredible amount of mess throughout the house, Julia moved on to the stairs, setting up separate rooms for her dolls up and down the steps. Very safe and sensible for sure.

March 8, 2021–67 of 365 – Whenever I see the first signs of spring, I think of the scene from The Secret Garden where they discover that the garden is “wick”–alive. When we’re just coming out of a long, snowy winter with short, dark days, I don’t think there is any better feeling in the world than seeing everything in the garden come to life.

Florence created a little brunch/restaurant experience for her sisters. Jason and I were the cooks. Jason and I are always the cooks.

March 9, 2021–68 of 365 – Spring means open windows all day, every day.

March 10, 2021–69 of 365 – Grandma’s first day back without masks and WITH a full vaccination!!!!! Louisa couldn’t hang from the excitement. And now Julia keeps asking me if people are “fully vaccinated.” It is a strange world we live in.

March 11, 2021–70 of 365 – Kisses for mom through the screen, because the windows were open. Have I mentioned the windows were open? They were. They were open.

Spring has slowly become my favorite season since having kids and this year it is “MY FAVORITE!!!”–all caps, exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point.

Tiny flowers in a tiny vase for Julia’s calico critters doll house.

Please note the shriveled, old snowman carrot under Louisa’s seat. Sorry snowman, but I’m not sad to see you gone.

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