Penn Valley Family Photographer | The Magic Hour

little boy riding bike through kitchen
art work hung on walls and little boy on bike in home
mom and sun smiling in home
boy on bike in home
toddler in home on bike
little boys treasure hunt in home
toddler's hands full of stuffed animals
brothers playing in house and little boy on couch with toys
toddler being thrown in the air in front of a house
boys playing on swing set in backyard
toddler about to go down slide
big brother pushing little brother in toy car
family in field
brothers running in field and dad and son playing in field
boy being held upside down in field
boy sitting with mom, sucking thumb
toddler and dad
family climbing on mom in field
brothers and family playing in field
brothers hugging in field and boy holding yellow flower
family running through field at sunset
family rough housing in field at sunset
father and son snuggling in field at sunset
family posed photo at sunset
parents chasing boys in a field at sunset
boy standing outside in a field and family snuggling in field at sunset
parents watching boys run through field at sunset
mom and dad watching kids play in field at sunset
boys kissing their mom outside at sunset
toddler running in field at sunset with stuffed animal in his back pocket
dad holding big brother upside down with mom and little brother in background
little brother running to family at sunset in field
toddler peeking through grass in field with family in the background
toddler hugging mom's legs
couple hugging in field and little boy snuggling with parents in the grass
brothers sitting in grass, smiling
family in field at sunset
mom and dad cuddling in field while sons play and mom cuddling with toddler boy
family heading back to house and toddler boy standing at backdoor
toddler boy touching flower and smiling
toddler boy eating at kitchen table and feeding mom and family in kitchen with son riding bike

Outside of a fun and happy family, there are two things that I really, really love in a session; time documenting a family at home and magic hour light. This session has both. So, it’s no surprise that I’m completely in love with the images we captured.

In their home, I loved photographing the boys at their most relaxed. There, they didn’t have to worry about posing. They played with their toys, had a dance party and rode a bike through the kitchen. I also loved documenting the impermanent details of family life; the art work strung up on the wall, little arms loaded with precious toys, and the remnants of a treasure hunt.

When everyone was ready, we headed out back. After a brief stop at the play set, we ended up in the most beautifully sun drenched field I’ve ever seen. Seriously, when I push families to have their session at sunrise or sunset, this is the magical light that I’m thinking about. There is just no substitute. There, the boys picked flowers and snuggled/climbed on mom and dad. The whole session was so relaxed and happy and I just love how that comes through in these photos.

Want to plan a session at home, at magic hour, OR a session that includes a little bit of both? Contact me and let’s chat!

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My name is Katie! I love color and pretty light and happy faces and sessions that include all of those things. Photographing families like yours, capturing the essence of what makes you unique, is my passion. I want to get to know you and to tell a story that is authentically yours.