An In Home Family Session

I photographed this in home family session on a strangely warm and foggy day in early December. I had so much fun hanging out with them and documenting these girls’ sweet little personalities. There were princess dresses, a tea party, and driving in a play car through the living room. How fun is that?! Honestly though, my favorite part was just talking to the girls. Big sister told me some stories and oh my goodness, I almost died from the cuteness. I don’t know if I like anything more than hearing a story as told by a three year old.

I still have so much to share and I am on it! It makes me so happy to go back and reminisce about these sessions that I loved shooting. It’s funny to think about how much these little faces have probably changed in the few short months since I met them. Hopefully these photos will help them hold on to the memories – when dressing up in princess dresses and making up stories about monsters in the backyard were the best ways to spend a day. Time just goes too fast with kids, doesn’t it?

little girl standing in a kitchenchildren's artwork hung on doorstoddler sitting in a highchair smiling at the cameralittle girl laughing and smiling at the camera with big sister in the background playing with a dollhousetoddler's hand on her mother's shoulderLittle girl picking dressup clothes out of her closet with her mom holding her toddler sisterlifestyle photograph of two girls smiling at the cameragirl smiling and playing peekaboo with the cameradocumentary photo of girl smiling with her mom in the background smilingdocumentary detail photo of girl selecting a book from a bookshelfdocumentary photo of girl sitting on her mom's lap smiling, with little sister and dad in foregrounddocumentary photograph of mom sitting with her two daughters reading them a story with dad looking on in the foregrounddocumentary photograph of two girls sitting on a bed reading to each other with dad in backgrounddocumentary image of preschool age girl pointing to a page in a book she is readingdocumentary photo of toddler girl sitting in a toy car in house with big sister sitting on the roof of the carin home photograph of preschool age girl looking at camera and making silly faceTwo sisters being pushed on a toy car in their house by their dadlittle girl looking at the camera and laughing in a toy car while her sister looks down at her from rooflifestyle image of toddler age girl looking up at camera from inside of a play carIn home family photograph of girl in rocking chair and mom, dad and big sister gathered arounddocumentary photo of preschool age girl in rocking chair and big sister shushing towards camera with mom and dadblack and white documentary photo of little girl running down a hallwayblack and white image of mom and dad tickling daughter on bedin home family session portrait of girl laughing upside down while being tickledin home family session documentary photo of little girl on mom's legs flying up into the airtoddler girl laying on mom's legs with dad in the backgroundphoto of dad dressing daughter up in a princess dress and closeup of toddler girl's handslittle girl in princess dress looking at the camera with mom in the foregroundfamily on bed with two girls dressed in princess dressesgirls in princess dresses on their parents' bed while their parents watch in the backgrounddocumentary image of toddler girl making a silly face with her momblack and white documentary photo of a little girl on bed being tickled by her momdocumentary image of mom sitting with toddler girl on her lap at a table with fake foodmom sitting at a table while her toddler daughter serves her fake food with dad in backgroundin home family session photo of little girl dressed as elsa singing and dancing on the couchcloseup portrait of preschool girl looking at camerablack and white in home photo of toddler girl playing peekaboo in the curtainsin home family session candid black and white photograph of mom hugging toddler daughtermom helping toddler daughter walk on wall outsidefamily walking in their backyardlittle girl turning back and talking to her mom in foreground while walking outsidetwo images of preschool girl talking and motioning with her hands while telling a storylifestyle image of family in a grove fo leafless trees outsidetwo images of little girls hugging and little girl pointing with a stick with her mom and dadfamily walking near a hill in the foglifestyle portrait of preschool aged girllifestyle portrait of toddler girlblack and white image over mom's shoulder of mom kissing toddler

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My name is Katie! I love color and pretty light and happy faces and sessions that include all of those things. Photographing families like yours, capturing the essence of what makes you unique, is my passion. I want to get to know you and to tell a story that is authentically yours.