Philadelphia Newborn Photography

At Home and Around Philly with This Sweet Family

I caught up with this family in early December after their second little girl arrived. I originally met them a couple of years ago when their older daughter was just a tiny little newborn. It was so fun seeing how much she had grown and changed and getting to meet her sister. I also very much appreciate that their adorable pup is always included in the photos.

We started out the session in their home. I always begin at home with newborns and I love getting to know big kids at home too. Even kids who I’m told are shy seem to shine in front of the camera. They introduce me to their favorite toys and give me the tour of their space. By the time we headed outside, I think this little cutie had entirely forgotten that I was there to take her photos and thought I was her new playmate.

We walked around the quaint side streets in Philly and eventually ended up in Coxe Park. Now, any playground is great, but there is something so charming about an old school park – one that hasn’t been updated with all of the newest fancy plastic jungle gyms. This particular park has the most amazing retro metal slide that I was just a tiny bit obsessed with. Big sister went up and down the slide and had the best time swinging while her little sister just slept like an angel.

It really was a beautiful day. I had the best time documenting some of their first moments as a family of four. These are just some of my favorites.

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Black and white image of mom and dad gazing down at newborn baby girlBlack and white image of hands of mom, dad, big sister and newborn baby girlDocumentary Photograph of toddler girl in red dress laying on a bed and gazing at cameraBlack and white image of toddler girl bouncing on a bed.Image of mom and dad kissing toddler girl sitting on their bedPortrait of newborn girl and poodleImage of newborn baby, wearing red and posed on her belly with her hand tucked under her cheekLifestyle image of mom laying down and cuddling newborn baby on her bedBlack and white photograph of mom holding newborn baby girl on her shoulder and kissing her headImage of newborn baby girl laying on her dad's chest and dad kissing her headblack and white photograph of dad snuggling baby girl on his chestPhotograph of family snuggling on the bed with mom looking at the cameraImage from above of family walking down steps with toddler girl looking back up at her dadPhoto of newborn being bundled up to go outside in WinterBlack and white image of newborn girl yawning while being dressed in winter clothesPhiladelphia Documentary Photograph of Toddler girl standing in doorway while her dad puts her hat onPhotograph of toddler girl and her dad cuddling in the doorway of their Philadelphia home before heading outsidePhoto of mom and dad holding toddler and newborn baby girls and walking down the street in PhiladelphiaTwo photographs of a family of four sitting on the steps of a home on Van Pelt Street in PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Newborn Photography of family of four sitting on steps together outside on a winter dayPhiladelphia Lifestyle Image of family of four sitting on the front steps of a homeNewborn Photograph and family of four sitting on steps in Philly with ivy behind themLifestyle photograph of little girl sitting down next to her parents, pictured from the waist downPhiladelphia photo of mom and newborn in foreground and dad and toddler in background at Coxe ParkDocumentary Photograph of little girl on the swings with her dad in Coxe Park in PhiladelphiaPhoto of toddler girl being silly on the swings in Coxe Park in PhiladelphiaFamily photograph of family being silly together on the swings in Coxe ParkDocumentary photograph of toddler girl swinging with image flareImage of little girl at the top of the slide in Coxe Park in PhiladelphiaImage of a whole family going down the slide in Coxe Park in PhiladelphiaLittle girl going down the slide backwards in Coxe Park in Philadelphia with poodle looking on in background

If you’re expecting a newborn soon and want family photos or you just want to explore your neighborhood with me and my camera, Contact me and let’s chat!

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