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Since Florence’s very first day of school in September, she has had a best friend named Peter. At the beginning of the year, I loved arriving early to pick her up so that I could watch them playing together on the playground. She would come home telling me stories about how she and Peter had to be separated because they wouldn’t stop talking during story time. I’m pretty sure they still aren’t allowed to sit next to each other for that part of the day. Apart from that though, they are really just adorable together.

I needed a volunteer family for an in home documentary session, and Peter’s family immediately came to mind. It was so much fun hanging out with them for a bit in their home. The older boys played a card game and Peter made a tower with his magnatiles. Peter also gave me the grand tour of their house, and he even showed me the attic! He was an excellent host.

I love how each of the boys’ personalities come through in the photos. Have I mentioned that these sorts of in home sessions are my favorite? They are. I love how comfortable kids are in their own space; how there is no fighting about posing and smiling for the camera. Everything just sort of happens organically. If you are interested in booking a session like this for your family, contact me and let’s chat!

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My name is Katie! I love color and pretty light and happy faces and sessions that include all of those things. Photographing families like yours, capturing the essence of what makes you unique, is my passion. I want to get to know you and to tell a story that is authentically yours.