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Main Line Newborn Photographer | A Classic In Home Session

I just love this family and their classic, simple style. It makes for such beautiful, airy newborn photos. Plus, the camera adores them and their light-filled house is a photographer’s dream.

I met them for the first time when their son was born and I got to photograph him as a tiny newborn. I still remember how mellow and calm he was for his session; the perfect baby. I’m so happy that his sister was equally cooperative for her session. She slept and snuggled with mom and dad and her big brother for a while. Then, right before the end of the session, her eyes popped open and she was full of smiles and looking right at my camera. Perfection!

Of course, there was one big difference between these two newborn sessions, this one included a 19 month old. Getting a toddler to pose with a newborn is never a sure thing, but fortunately, this big brother made it look easy. Then, when his patience limit was reached during family photos, he shot up from his dad’s lap like he was going to catapult himself off of the bed. The photo of that moment might not be the one that ends up in the frame, but it definitely captures life with a toddler. Their interest and attention can change in a second. It makes me smile every time I see it.

If you are interested in a newborn or family session, I would love to chat. Contact me, today!

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Wyndmoor Documentary Family Photographer

wyndmoor documentary family photography
boy on windowsill in home documentary
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family documentary photography kitchen
boy peeking over counter in home session
artwork and food prep in home session
steam on tea in home session
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Since Florence’s very first day of school in September, she has had a best friend named Peter. At the beginning of the year, I loved arriving early to pick her up so that I could watch them playing together on the playground. She would come home telling me stories about how she and Peter had to be separated because they wouldn’t stop talking during story time. I’m pretty sure they still aren’t allowed to sit next to each other for that part of the day. Apart from that though, they are really just adorable together.

I needed a volunteer family for an in home documentary session, and Peter’s family immediately came to mind. It was so much fun hanging out with them for a bit in their home. The older boys played a card game and Peter made a tower with his magnatiles. Peter also gave me the grand tour of their house, and he even showed me the attic! He was an excellent host.

I love how each of the boys’ personalities come through in the photos. Have I mentioned that these sorts of in home sessions are my favorite? They are. I love how comfortable kids are in their own space; how there is no fighting about posing and smiling for the camera. Everything just sort of happens organically. If you are interested in booking a session like this for your family, contact me and let’s chat!

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Main Line Family Photographer | Fun at Home

There is nothing that I love more than coming into a family’s home to capture their authentic, everyday lives.

I love documenting story time and meal time and snack time – cuddling, laughing, and maybe even some fighting. I love that these pictures will only become more meaningful and treasured as time passes. Soon, they will tell the story of what every day used to look like, as kids grow and routines change.

I have been photographing this family since their oldest was one. Last Fall, they won the documentary session contest that I ran. It was so much fun to photograph them in this different way. Although I have loved all of my sessions with them, this one was really special. I know that ten years from now, seeing these photos will bring back memories of when the littlest still carried around his lovey, when the oldest got mom and dad all to himself for nap time, and when mom was expected to carry two little people down the steps at once.

It’s all so impermanent and time goes too fast. It feels good to be able to bottle a bit of it up, to pin it down in a photo that you can hold in your hand forever and show your children as they grow.

This is what life used to be like…


Mom and daughter hugging
home schooling supplies
mom and son cuddling in kitchen
mom and son
child pointing at map
mom and daughter looking through books
boy studying
boy marking a calendar
boy studying and mom reading with daughter
dog and boy studying
children and mom's feet
mom, son and daughter reading
girl looking at her reflection
girl in profile and artwork
kids looking out window
kids and mom looking out window
family in kids' bedroom
kids playing and doing legos
kids doing legos
toddler climbing up on stool
toddler smiling
dad and daughter doing legos
mom and daughter reading
mom carrying two kids downstairs
toddler climbing onto chair
little girl winking over cereal bowl
family at breakfast table
little boy eating yogurt
dad organizing pots in kitchen
family praying at dinner table
little girl at mealtime
toddler with lovey
little boy looking in mirror
toddler climbing up steps
little girl at table
little girl looking down, lashes
mom and daughter playing cars
kids reading stories with mom
family reading books
family at home for Christmas
toddler in crib
mom and little girl saying goodnight
little girl in parents' bed
dad and son
dad and son
a boy and his dog

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Newborn Fusion Film | Xavier

This sweet little boy’s newborn session and fusion film was such a pleasure to put together. I think I might have smiled the whole time I was editing these photos and video clips. There is nothing sweeter than those newborn coos and that face. But just as delightful was his big sister, who I had so much fun hanging out with. She loved holding and cuddling her little brother, but was just as happy to show off her gymnastic moves, jump on her bed, and model her very impressive braiding skills.

I always tell my clients that I love capturing the little in-between moments as much as the posed photos. All of the bottles and burping, those alert moments of your baby staring into your eyes and the moments where they are sleeping heavily on your chest, all of it goes by in a blur. Even video clips of my daughters crying as tiny little babies make my heart flutter when I view them now. There is so much that is new and exciting about welcoming a new baby into the family and it is such a joy to be able to preserve a little bit of that in photos and video for my clients.

If you are interested in chatting more about newborn photography for your family, I would love to hear from you!

Katie McMenamin Photography specializes in capturing real life, authentic moments for families in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs.

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My name is Katie! I love color and pretty light and happy faces and sessions that include all of those things. Photographing families like yours, capturing the essence of what makes you unique, is my passion. I want to get to know you and to tell a story that is authentically yours.